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Listen to podcast – The Chicas Project official soundtrack to be released May 8

Posted by Elena del Valle on May 7, 2007

The Chicas Project cover 

“The Chicas Project” cover

Photos: Nacional Records

Nacional Records will release the official soundtrack to the popular mun2 reality show “The Chicas Project,” starring mun2 hosts Yasmin and Crash, May 8, 2007. The soundtrack includes Grammy-nominated artists Aterciopelados, Nortec Collective and Andrea Echeverri, as well as Los Bunkers, The Pinker Tones, Pacha Massive, Sara Valenzuela, Bitman & Roban, Cuarto Poder, and Mexican Institute of Sound. iTunes and eMusic digital editions of “The Chicas Project” soundtrack feature two bonus tracks.

Barcelona duo The Pinker Tones provide the show’s theme song with the high-energy, political parody “Karma Hunters.” The Pinker Tones recently made an appearance at SXSW and are scheduled to be at KCRW’s Sounds Eclectic Evening in Los Angeles, California. 

The Chicas Project Yasmin and Crash

“The Chicas Project” Crash and Jasmin

“The Chicas Project” Official Soundtrack also features previously unreleased remixes from Grammy-nominated Aterciopelados and Mexican singer Sara Valenzuela, as well as new artists like Venezuela’s Cuarto Poder with “Arenita Playita” and Mexican rockers Porter.    
“The Chicas Project” airs nationally on NBC/Telemundo’s bilingual youth network mun2. In the show Crash, a west coast rocker, and Yasmin, an urban-flavored youth from New York, take viewers on comedic adventures. The show, in pre-production for its second season, airs Saturdays at 2 pm.  

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    To listen to the single “Karma Hunters” from the new “The Chicas Project” album click on the play button below.

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    Listen to song – Colombian electronic duo releases new album

    Posted by Elena del Valle on October 20, 2008


    Monareta’s new album Picotero

    Photos, song: Nacional Records

    Earlier this month, Monareta, a Colombian duo that divides its time between New York City and Bogotá, launched Picotero, its latest album. In the past two years, the group released two digital albums on the Nacional Records label; and placed songs in films La Mujer de Mi Hermano and Warner Pictures’ upcoming Pride and Glory, and on Chicas Project, a mun2s television program. Scroll down to listen to Me Voy Pal Mar from the Picotero album.

    Picotero is described in promotional materials as “intelligent and danceable, a unique fusion of styles refined over several years.” Andres Martinez, Monareta’s composer, producer and vocalist, mixes break beats and hip hop flows with live keyboard performances by Camilo Sanabria. The two became popular in clubs and electronic music festivals in their hometown of Bogota, Colombia. They named the band for the brand of BMX bike they rode as children. The music they perform is influenced by much of what they enjoyed in their formative years.


    Monareta is Andres Martinez and Camilo Sanabria

    “Growing up, even as young as 11, I was really involved in the local freestyle street bike scene. All the street bikers in Colombia were heavily influenced by the break dance and electric boogaloo arriving from the U.S.,” said Martinez. “We heard groups like the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy and they completely changed our lives. And so that’s how we got the name for our group: It’s a homage to the`80s break dance, hip hop, BMX and the fashion scene that came from abroad to influence us in South America.”

    With Monareta sounds to prove his potential Martinez received a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts in composition and film scoring at New York University. He moved from Bogotá to New York City and immersed himself in the local music scenes. Soon after that Martinez began integrating what he was learning with his studies into the group’s cinematic sound.

    Monareta mixes electronic music with cumbia and champeta, the Afro-Colombian genre native to the streets of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. They also incorporate the reggae, dub and calypso sounds popular in the coastal cities. According to promotional materials, the track Llama in the new album especially illustrates this fusion, where the cumbia upbeat flows with a reggae groove and dub vocals. Recently, the group has split time living in Colombia and Brooklyn, while performing across the United States. In 2008, Monareta performed at South by Southwest and North by Northeast in Toronto.

    Click on the play button to listen to Me Voy Pal Mar from the new album Picotero.


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    Watch video, listen to song – Barcelona duo releases new album

    Posted by Elena del Valle on July 7, 2008


    The Pinker Tones Wild Animals album cover

    Photo, song: Nacional Records

    The Pinker Tones, a Barcelona musical duo known for their electronic sounds, released a new album in early June 2008. Wild Animals, the band’s third album in the United States, was released right before the beginning of their Vans Warped Tour with more than 40 venues across the United States. The two previous albums released in the United States are The Million Colour Revolution and 2007 remix album More Colours! Scroll down to watch a music video and listen to a song from the new album.

    “Our last album, The Million Colour Revolution, was about utopia, a projection for how we wanted the world to be,” said Mister Furia. “Wild Animals is about reality, our interpretation of the actual world we live in. Songs like The Whistling Song, 24 and On Se Promenait are some of our happiest and most nostalgic yet.”

    Wild Animals features special vocal guests including reggae soul performer Jimmy Lindsay from Cymande on The Whistling Song, and Amparo from Spanish band Amparanoia on Electrotumbao. The first single was the track Happy Everywhere.

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    The Pinker Tones

    Mister Furia and Professor Manso are the artistic names of the musicians that make up The Pinker Tones. In 2007, the band was featured in The New York Times, was in an A&E television special, performed on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic program, had a song featured on the TV sitcoms Ugly Betty and Entourage, and had video play on mtvU, MTV Tr3s, Mun2, and LATV.

    The Pinker Tones also made an appearance at last year’s SXSW, where they performed five shows in 36 hours and at KCRW’s Sounds Eclectic Evening in Los Angeles. The Pinker Tones recent single Karma Hunters was selected by Mun2 as the theme song for Chicas Project, a reality show.

    Salvador Rey, Mister Furia, performs on vocals, guitar, keyboards and flute while Alex Llovet, Professor Manso, performs on keyboards, samples and drums. They met in college in the late 1990s and formed the Pinker Tones in 2001.

    Click on the play button to watch the music video Happy Everywhere.


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    Podcast guest list

    Posted by Elena del Valle on August 29, 2006