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Tel Aviv consultant downplays sales pitch in B2B sales

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 2, 2015

How to Boom B2B Sales Carmit Yadin, author, How to Boom B2B Sales

Photos: Bohlsen Group

After years in the high tech industry Carmit Yadin began to work in sales. She had to learn how to be a salesperson on her own. In How to Boom B2B Sales (Archway Publishing, $11.99) she shares the insights she gained.

“With dedication, tons of mistakes, studying, asking questions, consulting people I knew and people I didn’t, I found my way,” Yadin said in a press release. “I don’t want anyone with a passion for sales to toil as I had to. Business is between people, not companies. We must provide solutions for these people and stop trying to sell if we want to ultimately boom sales.”

The 121-page book published in 2014 is divided into 22 chapters. In it she stresses that readers should focus on the customer’s financial results rather than their own, break the sales process into small pieces, pursue sales through social media, and develop B2B sales leads and qualify them before following up.

Yadin, a Tedx speaker, focuses her time on helping business leaders increase sales. She lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

 How to Boom B2B Sales
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Professor of philosophy addresses complex emotion in new book

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 25, 2015

On Romantic Love

On Romantic Love

Photo: Oxford University Press

Love is an emotion and as such may be rational or irrational. It may be experienced in degrees; it may be conscious and unconscious; and it may be controlled so that we may fall in and out of love. So says Berit Brogaard, professor of Philosophy, University of Miami.

In On Romantic Love Simple Truths About A Complex Emotion (Oxford University Press, $21.95) a hardcover 270-page book published this year, Brogaard attempts to get to the bottom of love's many contradictions. The book includes black and white photos and original line drawings by illustrator Gareth Southwell.

Why does it matter? She explains that love, unlike marriage, seems to lead to happiness. The reference to love is not only about romantic love. Other forms of love such as friendship, parental, sibling, and companion also are linked to feeling blissful.

George E. Vaillant, a researcher she quotes in the book, says: "Happiness is love, Full stop." He concluded after years of study on the subject that the ability to be intimate with another person was a strong predictor of health and happiness. The author believes that is too strong a statement. In its place she suggests instead that rational love leads to happiness.

Brogaard's previous book, Transient Truths, was published in 2012. In her academic research she specializes in philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and the cognitive sciences.

On Romantic Love
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Executive shares his thoughts on reaching new consumers

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 18, 2015

Customer Centric Marketing

Customer-Centric Marketing

Photos: Wiley, Aldo Cundari

Marketer Aldo Cundari believes the lessons he learned while studying art in and exploring Italy during his formative years have served him well in his 30-year business life. In Customer-Centric Marketing Build Relationships, Create Advocates and Influence Your Customers (Wiley, $25), a 154-page hardcover book published this year, he shares some of the lessons he has learned through trial and error in his career. A main one of those is that marketing should always focus on the customer. 

He strives to define the path customers follow and offer insights on customer experience, innovation, content, social media, and operating strategies to guide readers in formulating a marketing plan. He seeks to inform readers on ways to identify and influence new consumers, position their company within the marketplace, find and connect with individuals friendly to the brand and with the potential to spread its message. The book is peppered with graphs, illustrations and screen captures.

"There has been a great deal of change in the marketing world over the last 10 to 15 years," Cundari said by email when asked why he wrote the book. "The tools and tactics that worked for the last 60 years are no longer effective. It was the information age that led to the onset of social technology that created freedom of choice and the empowered customer. This empowered customer holds all the power in how they will interact with a brand. So finding a new way to communicate to customer was essential. At the same time, new technology has complicated the decision on what is effective and works and what does not. My goal for the book was to put context to where we are and how to better understand the forces affecting marketing."

Aldo Cunari, author, Customer-Centric Marketing

Aldo Cundari, author, Customer-Centric Marketing

Regarding why companies engage in non customer centric marketing he said, "The current marketplace and how you reach customers has become more and more complicated, and without understanding of the forces affecting the challenges, I believe that marketers just default to using the tools and tactics that worked for them in the past, all with ever diminishing returns."

Cundari explained that finding the data and cases studies that consistently demonstrate that the Customer-Centric Marketing approach works was the biggest challenge in writing the book.

"What I found was when you look deep enough you realize that there are many examples emerging," he said. "All I applied is the logic and understanding behind the forces, affecting success. What most surprised me was when you remove all the shinny new technology things that supposedly help marketers entice customer and you peel back all the new terminology that has layered confusion over understanding, you end up in the same place we have always been, 'human nature is, what it is', you have a person with a need, so why not fill that need."

Cundari is chairman and chief executive officer of Cundari Group. His firm specializes in integrated marketing, branding and design, and interactive and software development services powered by research insights.

Customer Centric Marketing

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Honduran university owners launch US online program for Spanish speakers

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 2, 2015

Ronald A. Lacayo, executive director, UTH Florida University

Ronald A. Lacayo, executive director, UTH Florida University

Photo: UTH Florida University

Targeting Spanish dominant immigrants from Central and South America looking to improve their economic prospects by completing their education with a college degree or obtain a second degree online in Spanish the Universidad Tecnologica de Honduras (UTH) is branching out. In August 2015, the owners of the Central American university and the Honduran-USA Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of UTH Florida University online.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, UTH Florida University, a for profit entity, announced student registration in August 2015 and the beginning of classes September 1, 2015 at According to a press release distributed by UTH Florida University, the educational company is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education. The Commission website indicates its functions include the licensure of independent schools, colleges and universities. All classes will be in Spanish and based on the Harvard Business School case method.

"We believe that on-line education is the disruptive innovation of the 21st century that will break the higher education paradigm and finally bring affordable and high quality education to everyone and everywhere thus allowing our communities and countries to grow and prosper," said Ronald A. Lacayo, executive director, UTH Florida University.

Administrators plan to offer 16 classes in the Fall 2015 semester and 32 for Spring 2016 with the support of 10 staff. They expect the offerings to increase each semester.

"We expect 250 students enrolled by the end of 2016 and 500 by 2018," said Lacayo by email. "Currently all of 80 faculty members are adjunct. Our staffing strategy is to seek maximum operating efficiency in order to pass along the savings to our students is the form of low and affordable tuition."

The new company hopes to set itself apart from other distance educational institutions by offering students affordable undergraduate degrees for $9,600 in Business, Marketing and Human Resource Management. Graduate degrees in Management and International Business Administration, Business and Finance, and Business and Marketing will cost $5,880. According to the press release, the Universidad Tecnologica de Honduras which was founded in 1986 and has over 15,000 students.

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Author spotlights Mexican American voices

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 28, 2015

Dreaming Forward

Dreaming Forward

Photos: Martha Casazza

Martha Casazza, author and education scholar, wanted to know about the dreams of America's Hispanics. In Dreaming Forward Latino Voices Enhance the Mosaic (iUniverse, $19.95), a softcover 242-page book published this year, she showcases the stories of 19 Hispanics in an effort to provide a platform “for people who have faced disappointment and fear in their earnest desire to dream forward in the U.S. and are committed to effecting change in their community.”

The project, originally supported by the university where she worked, required several years to be completed. The author funded it herself.

"When I was a university dean, I was fortunate enough to get involved with the Pilsen community on the south side of Chicago," she said when asked why it was that she chose the group that she did for the stories. "Pilsen is primarily a Mexican-American community. I was never a sit-behind-the- desk administrator, and I worked closely with a few community organizers to organize the first Tardes en el Zocalo weekend event in Pilsen to bring neighbors together. I was really impressed at how important the idea of community was in Pilsen. From this experience, I came to know students and organizers from this area and worked closely to create more opportunities for them to attend college and succeed."

In the book, she shares the stories of Mexican American individuals captured via in person interviews in their place of choice by the author and her colleagues. They originally collected 48 stories. Save for one all the ones in the book were told in English over a four year period. Each story ends with a Reflections section designed to elicit big picture thinking about the overall community.

Martha Casazza
Martha Casazza, author and education, scholar

“We desperately need to engage in a national dialogue about how to best foster and sustain healthy urban communities, especially as our cities become home to a more diverse array of people than ever before,” Casazza said in a press release. “By working inside the community and listening to their voices, I can see the roots of a healthy, sustainable Latino community here in the U.S. and in my own city of Chicago.”

When asked about the results, the author said, "The greatest reward was being trusted by individuals to tell their stories. The book reflects authentic voices and hopefully helps to personalize the struggles of a vibrant and passionate community in urban American where there is a strong commitment to dream forward through purposeful action."

Casazza has a Doctorate in Education and is a founding partner of TRPP Associates, LLC, an educational consulting business that focuses on maximizing learning environments. She is also a member of the Fulbright Association as well as the Board of Directors of Heartland Alliance.

Dreaming Forward

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With video – New cooking show to air in central Florida beginning September 2015

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 19, 2015

Chef Giovanna Huyke

Chef Giovanna Huyke, host, La Cocina Viva

Photo, video: La Cocina Viva

Spanish speaking cooking show fans in central Florida will have a new alternative beginning September 7, 2015. That is when La Cocina Viva will air weekly from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. featuring healthy Latino dishes from Latin America and the Caribbean. The brainchild of Ruben Gonzalez the 30-minute program was produced for under $100,000 by Sima Communications and co-directed by Gonzalez and Giovanna Huyke, a chef.

Huyke will also host the 12 episodes of the program which will be filmed in Tampa, Florida. The target audience for the show is Hispanic Millennials and second generation Hispanics, and eventually “audiences that have an appreciation for Latino food/dishes.” The show producers hope to add English content later. Scroll down to watch a two-minute promotional video in Spanish.

"La Cocina Viva is about cooking traditional Latino dishes from the Caribbean and Latin America but in a healthy manner," said Gonzalez by email about the program.

Huyke, chief executive office, Grupo Gio, LLC, a in Washington, DC. Based company, began her career in theater. She worked in Paul Prudehomme’s Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans, and as an assistant to Lee Barnes, before moving to New York City to work with Chef Felipe Rojas Lombardi.

On her return to Puerto Rico she worked at the Caribe Hilton for one year. Later she founded Amadeus in San Juan, where she focused on working with native ingredients and recipes with classic techniques. She was chef at Ali-Oli, founded Don Juan in the El San Juan Hotel and Giovanna’s Café. Most recently, Huyke was the executive chef at Mio Restaurant in Washington, DC.

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Executives outline their platform marketing ideas

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 14, 2015

The Rise of the Platform MarketerThe Rise of the Platform Marketer

The Rise of the Platform Marketer

Photo: Wiley

Craig Dempster, and John Lee, both executive vice presidents at Merkle, a marketing agency, believe success in marketing today depends on technology and scale. In The Rise of the Platform Marketer: Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms (Wiley, $30), a 228-page hardcover book published this year, they discuss their strategies and the reasoning behind it.

“The opportunity of addressability at scale makes it an incredibly exciting time to be a marketer,” Dempster said in press materials. “These audience platforms enable us to connect with customers in more targeted, customizable, intelligent, and measurable ways, so that every customer receives an ideal experience, perfectly suited to their needs, devices, preferred channels, and more.”

In the book, meant as a foundation for their company's 12 annual Performance Marketing Executive Summit, they propose nine competencies meant to span across data, execution, and the enabling technology. They believe mastering them will allow marketers to create, deliver, measure, and optimize customer-centric experiences across digital platforms. The authors did not reply to questions submitted via their publisher.

“The Platform Marketer isn’t an individual per se, but more a collection of skills that encompass many different disciplines,” Lee said in press materials. “When an organization can learn how to apply these skillsets, their ability to connect with customers and drive revenue grows enormously."

The authors believe success driving digital performance requires expertise in data, analytics, and audience experience as well as an understanding of the new audience platforms. The nine competencies they point out as necessary are: audience management, identity management, consumer privacy and compliance, technology, platform utilization, measurement and attribution, media optimization, channel optimization, and experience design and creation.

The Rise of the Platform Marketer

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