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HispanicMPR.com releases first “Electronic Publicity and Broadcast Media” and “Hispanic Market Translation Issues” downloadable recordings

Posted by Elena del Valle on January 16, 2007

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Boca Raton, FL — January 16, 2007 – HispanicMPR.com, an online forum and podcast for the exchange of information and ideas on Hispanic marketing and public relations, released two new downloadable audio recordings, “Electronic Publicity and Broadcast Media” by David Henry and “Hispanic Market Translation Issues” by Martha E. Galindo. The downloadable recordings feature presentations by Latino market researchers and experts. The recordings are available in downloadable MP3 and CD formats, and are priced at $109.95 for the downloadable MP3 files and $129.95 on CD. Details on the recording are available online at https://www.hispanicmpr.com/resources/hmpr-products

Henry is president and founder of TeleNoticias, a broadcast public relations company that targets the U.S. Hispanic market. He has nearly 15 years of experience providing broadcast strategy and counsel to a diverse client base. Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Maryland. Galindo, president and CEO of Galindo Publicidad Inc., is a native of Mexico with more than 20 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Communications from Michigan State University and has experience in marketing communications, organizational development and international customer service with companies in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

“Electronic Publicity and Broadcast Media” and “Hispanic Market Translation Issues” are the latest additions to the HispanicMPR.com Resources Section launched in 2006. Other presentations by experts and leaders in the field are: present  “Hispanic Market Overview,” “The Next Step: Secondary Latino Markets,” “Latino Media and Hispanic Media Training,” “Marketing to Hispanics Online,” “Search Engine Marketing to Hispanics,” “Latino Family Dynamics,” and “Hispanic Projections.” Experts include: Joel Bary, CEO and board member, LatinMedios.com; Liria  Barbosa, senior research analyst, C & R Research; Alex Carvallo, U.S. Hispanic media manager for Consumer Marketing, Intel Americas; Elena del Valle, MBA, principal, LNA World Communications; Brenda Hurley, vice president, C & R Research; Matias Perel, founder and president, Latin3; Roger Selbert, Ph.D., principal, The Growth Strategies Group; Federico Subervi, Ph.D., professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Texas State University-San Marcos; Dora O. Tovar, MPA, president, Tovar Public Relations; and Michele Valdovinos, vice president of Research and Marketing, Phoenix Cultural Access Group.

Started as a weblog for the Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations book (Poyeen Publishing, $49.95), HispanicMPR.com provides a forum for readers and authors of the book, website subscribers and visitors to connect, discover the latest Hispanic market news and updates and listen to expert interviews and presentations in an audio podcast.  Visitors may sign up for daily email updates, search the website for Hispanic market information; and listen to podcasts on the podcast announcement page, the website’s audio player or download them for convenient listening on their MP3 or iPod players.

The Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations book provides 435 pages of information, case studies, graphics, market data and opinions based on the experiences of nineteen U.S. Hispanic market experts. Seventeen practitioners and two university academics, contributed fifteen chapters to the book, which benefits the Hispanic Marketing & Communication Association (HMCA), is a volunteer driven nonprofit professional association dedicated to Hispanic marketing excellence.  More information is available online at https://www.hispanicmpr.com/


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ImpreMedia publications combined reach nine million a month

Posted by Elena del Valle on January 16, 2007

ImpreMedia publications aggregate monthly readership

ImpreMedia publications aggregate monthly readership
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Graphic: ImpreMedia

New York, New York – ImpreMedia, the self proclaimed number one Spanish-language publisher in the U.S., announced it reaches over nine million Hispanics with its publications and online network. On the heels of its acquisition of Vista Magazine last month, ImpreMedia promotional materials indicate it reaches 7,555,561 Hispanics through its print publications and 1,818,019 monthly unique visitors through its online properties for a total reach of nearly 9.4 million Hispanics monthly.

“This is testament to the work we have been doing to create value for our shareholders and advertisers alike,” said John Paton, chairman and CEO of ImpreMedia. “We continue to refine our competitive edge and the strength is in the audience numbers we deliver.”

ImpreMedia’s™ Audience Insights Team worked with both Scarborough Research and Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) to provide a clear methodology to aggregate its print reach over one month. The analysis is based on one ad per week in its dailies and weeklies; plus Audience Insights considered one ad in its monthly Vista Magazine, and online impressions reaching one month of unique online visitors based upon the reported online measurement sources. The Scarborough reach analysis displays an unduplicated audience across all ImpreMedia print assets analyzed and the addition of the online impressions.

ImpreMedia publishes El Diario La Prensa and El Diario Contigo in New York, El Mensajero in the San Francisco bay area, La Opinion® and La Opinion® Contigo in Los Angeles, La Prensa in Orlando and Tampa and La Raza in Chicago, leading Spanish language newspapers in their respective markets.