Motivate takes proven localized print media online

Today, MOTIVATE announces the launch of its digital networks for its multicultural and
generational life divisions, which focuses on the development of digital properties including web and mobile sites, online banners, and rich media advertising. MOTIVATE is taking niche-market media placement into the next generation for advertisers, publishers, and readers alike.

While multicultural and senior (+55) media markets, have seen strong circulation growth in print over the last five years, the addition of user engaging digital products has not been developed to its potential. Being on the forefront with agencies and clients, MOTIVATE, through its various divisions, understands that delivering a 360 degree multiplatform media solution is critical to remain relevant in the dynamic media landscape. Two of MOTIVATE’s largest divisions serve non-general media placement; EPMG serving multicultural, and SPMGserving the senior market.

“Our digital initiative is great for a couple reasons. First and foremost at MOTIVATE, we believe to our core in the power of local relevant print media, this program is just a kick start to take that power to the 2.0. Second, while some niche publications have historically been pushing the digital dialogue and development, there has never been the
scale needed to satisfy the advertiser demand. We believe this ongoing strategy and investment will help position our industry as one of the top opportunities to reach these hyper-targeted communities for years to come,” said Trevor Hansen, CEO of MOTIVATE.

MOTIVATE has not simply built another series of networks for these divisions, aggregating impressions from existing websites. It is far more robust. EPMG, for example, is building the digital footprint from the ground up; developing web and mobile sites for top Hispanic publishers nationwide, including Al Dia in Dallas, TX, El Latino in San Diego,
CA, Mundo Hispanico in Atlanta, GA, and many more. EPMG has built this unprecedented multiplatform program to reach and engage the multicultural markets. More than a network of targeted media outlets, the new digital media expansion will leverage the power of local online/offline synergy with the nationwide reach of EPMG. The same
research, planning and implementations have been put in place for all of MOTIVATE’s various products.

To date, MOTIVATE’s multicultural division, EPMG, already has an advanced digital division and has sites launched in nine markets with more coming online every day. “We aim to have premium coverage in the top 30 markets by the 1st quarter of 2012. Our goal is to partner with strong local market publishers that bring the key three ingredients to the table: 1) a strong local editorial emphasis, 2) a passion for focusing on community and events, and 3) the willingness and desire to leverage those two assets in the digital space. If they have those we have the engine and team to get them live and rolling,” “SPMG, targeting the senior market, has launched sites in 22 of the top markets, and has also recently launched their national portal site,” said Chris Morgan, Digital Director of Motivate.

“After listening to our clients who represent the top ad agencies and clients nationwide, this initiative answers their call to action. From readers to advertisers and the media in the middle, this is an exciting win-win for everyone,” said Trevor Hansen, CEO.

For more information on how MOTIVATE can put their new full rich media and print multi-platform to work for you, visit: